Student Voices

When we structure school to be the most useful, convenient and supportive to the students its meant to serve, we help more of them be successful. Here are just some of their voices.

“I have been able to pursue a lot of jobs and build a way better relationship with my family. I’m very grateful to be able to have the freedom to be my own person in my education.”
- Abigal S., age 16

“I dropped out of school because I never got the help I needed. Without motivation you will never see progress or change. Now I’m in a school that cares about my situation, accommodates my schedule and makes sure I’m always on task and not left behind.”
- Alonda N, age 16

“I’ve always been stressed when it comes to a normal school environment. Kids would bully me constantly and it got to the point where I was extremely depressed and almost flunked 8th grade. Then I found a school with flexibility, a safe environment and one on one attention. I’m doing so much better now!”
- Echo C., age 14